Grand Challenges

IU issues Request for Proposals for second round of Grand Challenges funding; information sessions announced

Vice President for Research Fred H. Cate has issued a Request for Proposals for the second round of funding through Indiana University’s Grand Challenges Program. Cate has also announced information sessions, to be held at IU Bloomington on October 19th and IUPUI on October 20th.

Grand Challenges are defined in the Bicentennial Strategic Plan as “major and large-scale problems” facing humanity that can “only be addressed by multidisciplinary teams of the best researchers.”

The university anticipates funding three to five comprehensive initiatives to address Grand Challenges by the conclusion of IU’s Bicentennial in 2020, with an investment of $300 million, including base funding for as many as 175 new faculty lines.

The development, proposal, and selection process in 2016–17 will facilitate the creation of a diverse array of initial concept proposals from faculty and deans during the fall semester. Approximately five will be selected for further development during spring semester 2017, and ultimately one recipient will be selected for implementation in late 2017 or early 2018. Proposals not selected in 2016–17 may be revised and resubmitted in future years, or may be considered for other types of research funding if appropriate.

The request for preliminary proposals is available here.

Vice President for Research Fred H. Cate

Vice President for Research Fred H. Cate

Precision Health Initiative

Indiana University School of Medicine and its partner IU schools, along with external corporate participants, propose a bold plan within their Precision Health Initiative (PHI) grand challenge. The goal of the PHI grand challenge is to position IU among the leading universities in understanding and optimizing the prevention, onset, treatment, progression and health outcomes of human diseases through a more precise definition of the genetic, developmental, behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to an individual’s health. Learn more

IU News Release:
IU announces first round of funding for $300 million Grand Challenges program

Team Leader: Anantha Shekhar, Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs at IU and Executive Associate Dean for Research at the IU School of Medicine.